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       Annette Rich
Executive Director of Programming & Funding
Annette Rich-Harper is one of the Founders of Trinity Services Foundation (TSF) and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her role in the organization. Annette has a multi-cultural perspective. She is a skilled researcher and analyst experienced in program development in the information management and insurance industries. 

Trinity Services Foundation’s mission and goals are the fulfillment of a passion and a vision that began in 2012 as an answer to the question: What can be done in the community to help single parents? Being a single parent herself, has also been her motivation. She is a firm believer that with the right motivation, faith, commitment and assistance single parents can have a life of self-sufficiency and achievement for themselves and their children. 

Annette enjoys volunteering and supporting organizations whose mission is to help others. 

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Executive Director of Operations
Sheryl Norman is one of the Founders of Trinity Services Foundation, Inc. Sheryl Norman, born and raised in Denver, CO, graduated from Thomas Jefferson High School and has a BS in Accounting from University of Phoenix. Sheryl along with her husband previously owned and operated their own construction business for over 15 years. She managed and operated  the business being responsible for all accounting functions.

Sheryl brings to Trinity Services a wide range of experience in the human resource management field and has great ability in handling all aspects of human resource management. 

Sheryl believes there is a great need in the community to provide aid and services to homeless single women with children, and has made a commitment to work toward making that happen. Being able to provide help to those seeking a life of self-sufficiency and stability and the opportunity to overcome the life of poverty, drugs, alcohol and lack of education and job training is her motivation. 

Sheryl L. Norman